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Comprehensive Plan


The Plan defines growth management and preservation strategies; the Map shows where while the Tool Kit suggests how they can be achieved.

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Pipeline Information Center

Pipeline Information Center

New Executive Director

The Board of County Commissioners and Planning Commission are pleased to announce the appointment of Brian O'Leary, AICP as the new executive director of the Chester County Planning Commission. View Press Release

Urban Center Forum

Earlier this month an Urban Centers Forum was held as part of Vista 2025 (Chester County's Economic Development Strategy). The forum served as a call to action to the 16 urban centers to discuss and explore options to establish and implement their own economic development strategies. View Presentation | View Resource Guide

Landscapes of Hopewell Furnace Park and Beyond

The Friends of Hopewell Furnace will host Charlie Pepper's talk on Landscapes of Hopewell Furnace Park and Beyond on Sunday, October 11th, at 2:00. View Details