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The Plan defines growth management and preservation strategies; the Map shows where while the Tool Kit suggests how they can be achieved.

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Pipeline Information Center


Millennials in Chester County

On Thursday July 22, 2016, Jake Michael of the CCPC staff gave a presentation at the Chester County 2020 Citizen Planner Breakfast about the how local planning is adapting to meet the needs of Millennial Generation.  How Chester County's communities will adapt to the changing housing and employment needs of Millennials is become a significant planning issue, since this generation now comprises roughly a quarter of the population. View Presentation

Population Projections for 2020-2045

The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission recently released population projections for 2020-2045. The new 2045 projections for Chester County and its 73 municipalities are now available. View Details

Nearly $9 Million Awarded for Multimodal Improvements

There has been a flurry of grant announcements over the last month or so, with projects in Chester County faring extremely well. Our staff assisted many of these applicants by providing feedback on preliminary application drafts and preparing letters of consistency. If your municipality missed these grant opportunities, it is never too early to begin planning and budgeting for a future grant opportunity. View Details

2016 Vision Partnership Program Grant Funding

Reminder that applications are due August 31st! This program provides funds and technical assistance to municipalities interested in updating their comprehensive plans and ordinances to be more consistent with Landscapes2. View manual and application materials