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Comprehensive Plan


The Plan defines growth management and preservation strategies; the Map shows where while the Tool Kit suggests how they can be achieved.

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Pipeline Information Center

Pipeline Information Center

Chester County Municipal Stormwater & FEMA Mapping Meeting

The Chester County Water Resources Authority will hold a meeting on September 18th in conjunction with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Topics to be covered include local stormwater management and ordinances, and FEMA will present draft county-wide mapping that resulted from their floodplain restudy. To see more information on Stormwater Management Best Management Practices click here.

Route 30 Multimodal Transportation Study - Community Meeting

A community meeting for the Route 30 Multimodal Transportation Study will be held on September 16th. This is an opportunity for members of the community to share their ideas about the future of the Route 30 Corridor in Western Chester County.

Explore Ways to Improve Your Municipality

Check out the newest way to find tools that help your organization achieve Landscapes2 policies.

Now You Can Follow Development Trends in Chester County

Proposed development activity within Chester County now tracked in a new, online infograph.

The County is on Target for Implementing Landscapes2

In August, the Landscapes2 Index Report Card 2014 was released. You can read or download a PDF of this report here.