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Celebrate National Farmers Market Week August 7-13!

Have you visited your local farmers market yet this year? Now is the perfect time to stock up on fresh sweet corn, ripe tomatoes, as well as a cornucopia of peaches, berries and other summer fruit. There are twelve—and counting!—farmers markets throughout the county offering a wide selection of the varied and bountiful farm products grown right here in the county.

Click on the guide link below to find additional locations, like farm stands and stores, where more area products are sold.

This year marks the 18th annual National Farmers Market Week created by the USDA to honor and celebrate the important economic role that farmers markets play, helping to keep more of your spending dollar circulating within the local economy and helping a wide range of industries thrive. Markets also provide the perfect place for people to meet their local farmers and learn more about how their food is grown, a role which markets have played throughout the rich agricultural history of our county.


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