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Finding the Perfect Christmas Tree in Chester County

Right after Thanksgiving, many families welcome the December holiday season by setting up their Christmas trees. Although some opt for the ease of plastic trees or the convenience of pre-packaged spruces from pop-up lots, many travel from near and far to Chester County to participate in the full Christmas tree experience. Nothing quite compares to the thrill of spotting just the right tree from across the frozen rows or the thrill of the saw biting into richly-scented wood.

Despite claims that plastic trees are more sustainable, it's important to note that tree farms are a renewable resource, replanted each year. Many municipalities now turn discarded Christmas trees into useful mulch, freeing up space in landfills. The Christmas tree industry also helps sustain many family farms generation after generation, helping to keep the county's agricultural land in active production.

While some tree farms are simple operations focused solely on the trees, other farms offer a wide range of seasonal activities including hayrides, free hot chocolate and visits from Santa.


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