Chester County Profiles

The web pages presented below provide tabular data, reports, and maps regarding the people, economy, governments, and land features of Chester County. This information comes from a wide variety of county, regional, and state-level sources. Maps from the CCPC's on-line Map Gallery, which illustrates many of the issues presented below, can be viewed and downloaded here. Census information about Chester County and its municipalities can be found here. You can also search these web pages here:

Population & Demographics

Exton Library

This page presents information on current, past, and projected population, as well as age, sex, and ethnicity demographics.

Housing, Housing Sales & Rental Units

Exton Library

This page presents information on home sales, prices, housing units, rent, age of housing, and senior living locations.

Land Use, Development, & Open Space


This page presents maps of current and past land use, and open space. It also includes maps and reports on proposed development.

Transportation, Roads, Trails, & Rail

Justice Center

This page presents information on traffic volumes, commuting patterns, and features like roads, trails, and rail lines.

Economy, Income, & Employment

Houses in Pocopson

This page presents information on household income, labor force, unemployment, poverty levels, occupation, and employers.

Government & Community Facilities

West Vincent

This page presents mapping of municipal offices, congressional districts, schools, parks, emergency service providers.