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The interactive map of existing transmission pipeline corridors in Chester County, presented below, will allow you to zoom in on a specific area of interest. If you click on the area, a pop up box will appear giving you basic information on the pipeline operator. The interactive pipeline map and other pipeline maps on this website indicate the approximate location of gas and/or hazardous liquids transmission lines, not distribution lines to homes and businesses for private use. If you are interested in receiving natural gas service to your residence or business, please contact your local energy supplier for availability.

This map works best when viewed on a computer or device that uses Internet Explorer 9+, Mozilla Firefox 4+, Google Chrome 7+, or Apple Safari 5+.

Recommended Viewing Option: Use the "View Larger Map" option to access the following features on the interactive map:

  • Zoom to a specific address by clicking the Search button Search buttonand then entering an address into the search box.
  • Zoom to a specific municipality using the "Bookmarks" feature.
  • Change the map base layer to view streets, aerial photography, topography and other features using the "Basemap" feature.
  • Click on individual corridors to highlight the pipeline and view pipeline operator, product, and contact information.
  • Note: When you View Larger Map, you are given a Locator button Locator buttonto zoom to your location.


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Sources: Pipeline Locations - National Pipeline Mapping System, 2013; Chester County Planning Commission, 2013.

(Neither the United States Government nor any party involved in the creation and compilation of NPMS data and maps, guarantees the accuracy or completeness of the products. NPMS data should be considered no more accurate than +- 500 feet and must never be used as a substitute for contacting the appropriate local PA 811 one-call center prior to digging.)

*Consultation Zones - The pipeline corridors are depicted as consultation zones which represent a distance of 1000 feet on each side of the approximate pipeline centerline. If property development is planned within this zone, it is recommended that the property owner or developer initiate a dialogue with the transmission pipeline operator to determine if their proposed development will impact the integrity of the pipeline. (Note: 811 should always be called prior to any digging job regardless of the location.)