Open Space Planning

Open Space planning is important in Chester County because so much of the county (about one quarter of its total area) is protected as open space. There are a wide variety of protected open spaces within the county including protected farmland, property protected by non-profit land trusts, and parklands maintained by local, county, state, and federal governments. Once each year, the Planning Commission inventories and maps all the protected open space in Chester County. This mapping is presented below.

Each year the Planning Commission contacts each municipality and all the non-profit land trusts and asks them to submit information on parcels of land that have been protected in the past year. To submit this information, you should go to web page for the Protected Open Space System (POST) located here.

Protected Open Space Map

The map presented below represents the parcels of protected open space within Chester County that were protected by public and private organizations as of December 31st of last year. This map includes parcels protected with county funds as well as funds from other sources. You can zoom in to view the protected open space properties in your area. This map is "interactive" and was built using the latest technology. As a result, some older browsers may not support this new technology. This map works best when viewed on a computer or device that uses Internet Explorer 9+, Mozilla Firefox 4+, Google Chrome 7+, or Apple Safari 5+.


View Larger Map

Please visit the Map Gallery to view other Open Space Mapping. Also visit Publications to view Open Space and Natural Resources Publications.

Open Space Inventory On-line Forms

Representatives of municipalities and non-profit land trusts can find the on-line forms for the annual open space inventory at this location.

Municipal Open Space Funding Programs

List of funding opportunities provided by DVRPC.