Iron and Steel Heritage Tours

coverIn 2003 the Iron and Steel Heritage Strategy identified a region spanning northern Chester, southern Berks, eastern Montgomery and western Lancaster counties and named it the Iron and Steel Heritage Region. This comprehensive study concluded that in no other area of comparable size in the nation were sites of so many historic forges and furnaces located in such concentration. Moreover, no region in the nation could boast a longer history with, and connection to, the iron and steel industry. This part of America, it concluded, literally forged the nation.

In 2009, the Iron and Steel Heritage Partnership was formed to explore ways to implement some of the recommendations in the plan. The goal was to bring visitors to this remarkable region and encourage residents to learn more about their home. After a year of research, the Iron and Steel Heritage Partnership sought grant funds to design and print an Iron and Steel Heritage & Recreation tourism brochure and map. The brochure identifies key iron and steel heritage sites, driving and biking routes, trailheads and trails, natural/recreation areas and heritage destinations for food and lodging. It features themed scenic itineraries, recreational opportunities, and provides visitors of all ages with thoughtful interpretive information. View Brochure