Chester County Public Transportation Plan

A bold and ambitious plan for public transportation that will redefine the commuter preferences, facilities, and experiences for Chester County residents and workers over the next 25 years. This plan was designed to achieve the objectives of the transportation goal of the county’s 2014 Strategic Plan — “Enhance access to and use of transportation systems to reduce traffic congestion.”

The plan's vision statement is derived directly from Landscapes2:

“Provide an affordable, reliable, and accessible public transportation network to offer mobility, encourage favorable land use patterns, sustain the environment, and alleviate congestion within designated growth areas.”

Elements of the Plan


System LogoIncludes everything that is operating or 'rolling' such as bus routes, commuter rail services, etc.


  • Bus/rail connectivity
  • First mile/last mile connections
  • Service gaps/new service requests
  • Service reliability (operator perspective)
  • Sustainability/efficiency


Develop a reliable, consistent, flexible and efficient system to maximize transit service coverage and provide practical transit options for Chester County residents, workers and visitors.


Environment LogoIncludes all of the points of access to the system, including rail stations, transportation centers, bus stops, etc.


  • Parking availability at stations, transportation centers
  • Active transportation (bicycle/pedestrian) connections
  • Municipal land use


Provide a first class, barrier-free and multimodal means of transport from trip origin to trip destination.


Experience LogoIncludes everyone that utilizes the public transportation system.


  • Service quality/user amenities
  • Service reliability (user perspective)
  • Fare consistency/coordination between providers
  • Public outreach/marketing of existing services


Improve the convenience, reliability, and safety for all transit users.

Key Recommendations of the Public Transportation Plan

Vision Plans

map image

The Vision Plans represent how the public transportation system is envisioned to evolve over the next 25 years.

Bus stops recommended for shelters in Chester County

map image

The ENVIRONMENT section of the Public Transportation Plan recommends that bus stops with 5 or more daily boarding have both transit shelters and connecting sidewalks.

Recommended areas for pedestrian facilities

map image

Pedestrian facilities should be an integral part of the transportation system in the urban, suburban, suburban center and rural center livable landscapes as defined by Landscapes2.

Implementation Plan


The Implementation plan provides guidance towards the accomplishment of the Plan's system, environment, and experience goals.